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  • Voskhod 

    Freshness of lemon

    Can be used for cleaning all types of surfaces, effectively removes dirt and unpleasant aroma. Has aroma of citrus freshness. Can be used diluted or concentrated.

    1 l

  • Voskhod 

    After rain

    Removes dirt on all surfaces, does not leave marks. Leaves floral and freshness aroma. Can be used diluted or concentrated.

    1 l

  • Voskhod  

    Cleaning powder detergent 

    Good for cleaning vertical and horizontal surfaces (floor and walls), can be used to clean kitchen surfaces. It removes dirt, dust, fat not damaging surfaces (tile, linoleum, laminate, parquet). Removes all kind of dirt and dust leaving no marks on the floor and walls. Does not require rinsing off, gives brightness and leaves light lemon aroma. Easily dissolves in cold and hot water.

    400 g