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Мara is no. 1 powder laundry detergent in Belarus. 
Mara provides the best price/quality offer on the market. Маrа Sample of cleanliness has an improved formula, up-to-date design and optimized assortment. With Mara every wash turns into a profound renewal of things and represents a SAMPLE OF CLEANLINESS. Washing power of powder laundry detergents Маrа Sample of cleanliness is 90 % (the standard is 85 %).

APRIL Evolution. Step forward!
Washing powder April Evolution provides an exceptional quality of laundry, fabric protection and freshness! April 3D effect formula cares for the fabric at all levels. Fibers retain the structure and volume, and things keep their original look. Special enzymes identify and effectively remove all types of dirt not only from the surface, but deep in the fiber structure. Special polymers protect the fabric from ageing and prevent reprecipitation of dirt. Washing power of powder laundry detergents April Evolution is 95 % (the standard is 85 %).

Powder laundry detergents Chaika provides cleanliness and freshness to the things.
Chaika is a high quality laundry detergent for economy-oriented consumers. It effectively removes stains, gives things light aroma and feeling of freshness. It is effective even in cold water. Complies with the requirements of state standard no. 25644 on washing power. Fabric conditioner Chaika is a non-concentrated conditioner which gives pleasant aroma and softness to all types of fabric. 



Krasa — daily care for natural beauty of skin and hair.


Fabric conditioners SKY are super-concentrated — only 30 ml are needed per wash. Give things unrivaled softness and excellent aroma, provide antistatic effect, ease the ironing, protect fabrics from early outworn. Can be used for all types of fabric.

Fedora is a product with high consumer performance. Dishwashing detergents Fedore brand give rich and lasting foam, are effective in cold water and economical in use. All products under Fedora brand have 100% rinse-out from tableware.

For cleaning a wide variety of surfaces — tile, linoleum, laminate, wood, parquet and plastic. Removes dirt from hard surfaces, including floors, walls, kitchen countertops and cupboards. Leave no streaks, give shiny effect to the surface and provide antistatic effect.

Suprim — assortment of high quality products complimentary to washing, for dishwashing machines and for ironing.

SUNDAY — line of good quality base products on low price.
Brand Sunday includes powder laundry detergents and liquid laundry detergents, conditioners for linen, products for dishwashing.